Thursday, October 11, 2007

birthday poem read with dinosaur enthusiasm at last night's open mic. the people rejoiced.


an illegal badger moving upstream to swallow children
the difference between hollow and handyman
totally spooky astronauts singing to foxy Martian babes

three kinds of haberdashing in New Guinea

a fork in the shape of a middle finger
your dancing badger pancakes
may i pummel your dance move credit card
may we take hands for a prayer about farming
to make out pleasurably hold chin like coffin repeat
what ho! crayon-eating winchester with optional his-and-her levers

tally ho! forgettable glaciers and caribou of the blah blah blah
once we busted this buck for flogging the forest, he was like "cheerio, later bitches"
you kissed a bucket of deer heads, singing "yakee doodle fuker-roo"
did you think you'd get away with it? are you, like, on the pill??
i call back the big mac and he's all bullshit like "shit ya'll i'm flossy like all hell"
we take all the white out of the equation or better yet, dangle barbiturates out our verandas for all the typhoons to notice
"put it back in your pants" they say, those beetles on steroids, those acid Julys
forget mom's bashful olive garden and hola, assholes, just please drink faster
this is no time for stingy goodbyes
is important for fertilities sake to pound apple sauce, like Napoleon on meth
thank you, your majesty, a cranial hopper plethora winking for animate sex
O majestic fetusis parleying in the dessert, hopping over fragrant hams
try to upstage fragile thinking of ready-made treason for clappered regimes
my colonoscopy medieval volcanic on ghost doctor and he was all "parle vous francais fucker?"
run, filling station motherfuckers wadded up lightly for transit appeal
hold me grandpa sugar cane, one last blue light to send to god with my puppy Tipper
duck up and freestyle-hairstyle-lo-style for cranberry-banana fanpop trixie mclandable
philately my dump truck slaps a fortnight on noggin con breakfast and keep running Artax on and on
don't panic don't froth right don't gallop in tightwads don't ask a gypsy "how lightly, how regal or trans?"
i am ok i am fucked i am ok i am fucked, the trains leave fuck and i am not with it

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ryan manning said...

ultimately life-affirming