Friday, August 10, 2007


try this Orthodox hammock for your illegitimate grandchild
it pertains to the arithmetic of satellite love and communist daughters
a lot of the time we just cram jackrabbits into the landscape
and several hours go by in hexagonal silence, creeping through the cellar
arid flies take Sundays for a joke about the stairwell vacancy
alas, chipper vanguards of backwater trout move slowly, swelling with the tide

trip lightly, young sailors! fine use of a lanyard makes good with the waves
mortgage your betrothed, house fires! band fans flipper out like a trampoline family
and fly down the ceilings and keep close to land with hairpin precision
therefore, the pancake arms and flipper eye-lashes need no explanation
they've built up the tracks toward a mystic-clad transfer to older believers
together we hold clogs on our hands and ice to the back of our eyes marching towards nettles
elaborate figures for all the blond crash tests, the crenelate bebops, the cancer in cans
tomorrow we will sign language to the road signs and figure assholes into the saddle equation
clandestine, you might say, a regular candor for translated fingers

secondly, thy biggest blasphemy was comparing twin fathers against their merit
train-wrecked a while at the corner with every piece hanging softly, a fainted parade


shannon said...

MACARONI! (you said to do it Alex).

Willie Z said...